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Reset Windows Password editions
OneNote password recovery v3.4
Support for Microsoft Office 365
Reset Windows Password v14.2
Telegram data recovery, Photo Database and Media Player investigation tools, and some more
Office password recovery tools
Resetting VBA passwords
New blog post
Dumping the history of users' IP addresses in Windows

Articles and video

You may find it helpful to read our articles on Windows security and password recovery examples. Video section contains a number of movies about our programs in action

Reset Windows Password editions

The software is available in three editions: Light, Standard, and Advanced. The detailed list of features is shown below.

Feature Light Standard Advanced
Support for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10//11
Support for Windows Server NT - 2022
Windows 32/64-bit support
Non-US Windows support
Multilingual passwords support
Extended set of additional hard disk drivers
Detect and support for multiple Operating Systems
Extended download warranty
Create a bootable CD/DVD/USB/HDD
Reset local Administrator password
Change local Administrator password
Unlock disabled, locked, or expired local Administrator account ( 1 )
Network and internet browsing support
Simple disk utilities
Reset Domain Administrator password
Change Domain Administrator password
Unlock disabled, locked, or expired Domain Administrator account ( 1 )
Reset password to regular (SAM) accounts
Change passwords to regular (SAM) accounts
Unlock disabled, locked, or expired SAM account ( 1 )
Reset local lockout policy
Logon policy editor
Decrypt secret questions and answers for Windows 10
Support for passwordless sign-in
Change account properties of a common user
Create new SAM accounts
Local password policy editor
Interface and system restriction policy editor
Reset password to Active Directory accounts
Change passwords to Active Directory accounts
Unlock disabled, locked, or expired Active Directory accounts ( 1 )
Reset/Change password to DSRM account ( 2 )
Reset domain cached password
Recover (cleartext) domain cached passwords
Change account properties for any Active Directory users
Domain password policy editor
Instant load and install any IDE/SATA/SCSI/RAID/SSD/NVME driver
Rollback changes (restore previously modified passwords and data)
Show password hints (if any)
Dump LM/NTLM password hashes for regular (SAM) accounts
Dump password history hashes
Dump domain cached credentials (MSCACHE)
Dump LM/NTLM password hashes for Active Directory accounts
Dump Windows Hello PIN
Instant password recovery for some Active Directory user accounts ( 3 )
Password recovery for domain cached accounts
Instant password recovery for some SAM user accounts
Search for plaintext passwords
Primitive dictionary analysis
Advanced dictionary analysis ( 4 )
Primitive brute-force attack against user passwords
Recover passwords using Artificial Intelligence analysis
Custom password recovery, including dictionary, hybrid, and mask attacks
Password recovery using MRU files analysis
Skype chat analysis
Search passwords in popular browsers (IE, Edge, Opera, all Chromium-based browsers, Firefox, etc.)
Password search in recycling bins, page files, hiberfil.sys, etc.
Plaintext password recovery using Fingerprint attack
Remove password history hashes out of regular (SAM) accounts
Delete password history hashes out of Active Directory accounts
Remove domain cached passwords
Zero out logon cached passwords
Remove password reset information
Remove password hints
Reset SYSKEY security
Lookup SYSKEY startup password
Plaintext password search using machine learning
Instant password recovery for accounts with PIN or Picture password authentication (in Windows 8/10)
Full support for Windows 8 LiveID and Microsoft Accounts (Windows 10+)
Instant password recovery for most accounts with fingerprint logon ( 5 )
Simple file manager
Automatic detection and mounting virtual OSes
Support for Windows hibernation state
Creating virtual drives using image files
Creating disk images
Network drive mapper
Search password for virtual machines
Support for UEFI-based PCs
Search for lost product keys and serial numbers
Convert Microsoft Live ID to a local user account
Backup memory, passwords, encryption keys, certificates, registry, Active Directory, forensic artifacts, etc.
Search and decrypt Internet passwords
Search and decrypt passwords for e-mail clients
Search and decrypt network passwords
Search and decrypt wireless passwords
Search for password-protected documents
Password recovery for MS Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, MyOffice, and PDF documents
Unlock Bitlocker encrypted drives
Extract BitLocker recovery passwords from Active Directory
Decrypt Windows Hello credentials
PIN recovery
Decrypt PIN history ( 9 )
Logon history and statistics ( 6 )
Hardware history ( 7 )
Software installation history ( 7 )
Network history ( 7 )
Recent user activity ( 6 )
Windows Sticky Notes ( 6 )
Camera and microphone access tracking ( 6 )
Windows activity timeline ( 6 )
Windows clipboard history ( 6 )
USB history ( 6 )
Recycle Bin history ( 6 )
IP address history ( 6 )
System resource usage monitor ( 6 )
Search for recently opened documents ( 7 )
View program execution timeline ( 7 )
Windows event viewer ( 6 )
View Telegram downloads ( 6 )
Recover Telegram passcode
Decrypt Telegram files
Internet history stored in browsers (6)
Search for last modified files
Search for last modified folders
File checksum calculator ( 7 )
Duplicate file finder ( 7 )
Disk space analyzer (6)
Статистика файлов и папок (6)
Junk file remover and registry cleaner
Fast file search ( 7 )
Windows media forensic tools
Photo library analysis
Media Player analysis
Mounting hidden volumes/partitions
Extensible Storage Engine viewer (6)
SQLite viewer (6)
Windows Search database explorer (6)
OS boot status viewer (6)
RDP: credentials recovery (6)
RDP: event viewer (6)
RDP: cached images analyzer (6)
RWP startup (access) password
One year of free updates, lifetime support, and maintenance
14-day honor-based money-back guarantee ( 8 )
License personal personal business
Using in a corporate, government, or business environment
Price $45 $145 $345


  1. If the account is locked, disabled or expired
  2. Directory Services Restore Mode
  3. If the Reversible Encryption is set. You can find this option in your domain password policy.
  4. Using Arabian, Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish dictionaries.
  5. Not all accounts are supported.
  6. The data export feature is available in the Advanced edition only
  7. The data export feature is available in Standard and Advanced editions only
  8. Only if the program is malfunctioning and we meet an assistance in finding out why
  9. If not protected with TPM