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Password recovery for Office applications
Wireless Password Recovery v6.4.5
Some minor improvements, modifications, and a bug fix
Office password recovery tools
Guaranteed password recovery for Microsoft Office documents with 40-bit encryption
Reset Windows Password v10.5
Introducing system and interface restrictions editor
WPA password recovery benchmarks
New CPU and GPU devices

Articles and video

You may find it helpful to read our articles on Windows security and password recovery examples. Video section contains a number of movies about our programs in action

Software for recovering Office passwords

OpenOffice Password Cracker (OOPC)
OpenOffice Password CrackerOpenOffice Password Cracker is one of the most professional, powerful, feature-packed, and sophisticated utilities for recovering lost and forgotten passwords of OpenOffice/LibreOffice/MyOffice applications: Base, Writer, Impress, Draw, etc.
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Word Password Recovery (WORDPR)
Word Password RecoveryWord Password Recovery stands for the most sophisticated and professional tool for analyzing security and recovering passwords of Microsoft Office Word documents. The program employs advanced and state-of-the-art password recovery technics using GPU acceleration.
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Excel Password Recovery (EXCELPR)
Excel Password RecoveryAnother MS Office related tool for GPU-accelerated decrypting "password to open" and instant unlocking/resetting "password to modify" of Microsoft Office Excel documents.
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Access Password Recovery (ACCESSPR)
Access Password RecoveryProfessional tool to decrypt MS Access passwords and audit Microsoft Office Access database security. It would be definitely useful if you forgot your database password or want to analyze *.mdb or *accdb password protection.
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PowerPoint Password Recovery (PPOINTPR)
PowerPoint Password RecoveryYet another one professional utility to decrypt and reset MS PowerPoint presentation passwords and audit PowerPoint security.
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OneNote Password Recovery (ONENOTEPR)
OneNote Password RecoveryProfessional program to decrypt MS Office Onenote password-protected documents and analyze OneNote encryption security.
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