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Word Password Recovery

Word Password Recovery

Word Password Recovery stands for the most sophisticated and professional tool for recovering passwords of Microsoft Office Word documents as well as for analyzing document's protection. The program employs the most advanced password recovery technique developed by our company.

Word Password Recovery features Features

  • Contemporary, customizable graphical interface.
  • Built-in support for password search using both CPU and GPU power.
  • Over 10 types of password recovery, most of them are unique, developed by our company, and used in our products only.
  • Advanced audit reports.
  • Additional tools, including powerful utilities for creating and managing dictionaries. For example, you can create your own wordlists by indexing the files on your hard disk drive.
  • Instantly unlocks/resets passwords for read-only documents (ones protected for editing).
  • Built-in support for wordlists in ASCII, UNICODE, UTF8, PCD, RAR, and ZIP formats.
  • Great choice of online wordlists for dictionary attacks (~ 2 GB).  Not enough? Consider using our ultimate 60 Gb wordlist collection.
  • Some of the program's functions, such as word mutation, are unique. The total number of mutation rules exceeds one hundred and fifty. No similar application carries this!
  • Guaranteed recovery for MS Office 97-2003 documents with 40-bit encryption.

Program's screenshots How it looks
Word Password Recovery - screenshots and documentation

Supported languages Supported languages
English, French, Russian.

Problems Known issues and problems
Although contains no harmful code, the program may be detected by some anti-virus software as potentially dangerous or 'potentially unwanted program'. This is also known as 'False Alert', and it's quite a common problem for all known password recovery software.

Free tech support for registered users Technical support
All Passcape registered products include FREE LIFETIME TECHNICAL SUPPORT.

Free lifetime upgrade Update
Register the program and get all new versions for FREE and for LIFE.

Registration Registration
The program comes in two editions: Standard –ł Professional. An unregistered version of Word Password Recovery shows only the first 3 characters of decrypted passwords, has some functional limitations. After the program is purchased, you'll get:

  • Registration key that eliminates limitations of the DEMO version. Some restrictions may be applied, however, depending on the program's edition.
  • Priority lifetime technical support
  • Free lifetime upgrade
  • Confidential help in solving out passwords recovery problems
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