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Wordlist and dictionary tools
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Preliminary support for Windows 11
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Support for Windows 11 and the latest version of MS Outlook

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Wordlist tools



New wordlist creation

Creating a new wordlist by indexing words from local files of your PC (for example, *.html, *.xml, *.txt, *.doc, as well as *.mdb, *.pdf, *.exe files, etc.)
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Wordlist creation

Merge wordlists

Combine two or more wordlists in one.
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Merge wordlists

Wordlist analysis

Analyze wordlist statistics: number of words, size, compression ratio, character statistics, etc.
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Wordlist analysis

Sort wordlist

Sort wordlist using one of six sort modes.
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Wordlist sort tool

Convert/compress wordlist

Using this tool you can convert a wordlist from one format to another and optionally compress wordlists to ZIP file.
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Wordlist conversion tools

Compare wordlists

Wordlist comparison tool to determine whether two wordlists are identical or not.
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Wordlist comparison tool

Additional tools

A set of additional tools aimed primarily for editing and tuning up existing dictionaries.
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Additional wordlist tools

Index hard disk drive sensitive areas

One of the unique features exclusive to our programs is the ability to create custom word-lists by indexing files on your hard disk drive.
HDD words indexation

Extract HTML links

This tool is aimed for extracting HTML links from HTML files.
HTML link extractor