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Passcape Wordlist Collection
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Passcape Wordlist Collection

Dictionaries Collection

Passcape Wordlist Collection (further referred to as PWC) is the result of the many months of work, a unique collection of wordlists and pass-phrases gathered from a wide range of sources, as well as created by our company. Passcape Wordlist Collection includes 19 separate collections, 19 CDs which can be purchased independently: 
PWC 1, consisting of around 30 of language dictionaries, over a dozen of subject-focused, a number of international dictionaries, and much more.
PWC 2 is a collection of dictionaries with phrases and expressions to use in pass-phrase attacks.
PWC 3 consists of real English and international names, surnames, pet names, web and email logins, etc.
PWC 4-7 contain a huge collection of wordlists (split in 4 parts) with real passwords.
PWC 8 is a powerfull collection of wordlists taken from encyclopedias, ebooks and dictionaries. To create the collection, we parsed over 670 encyclopedias, about 10000 ebooks and 70 English dictionaries.
PWC 9-11 contain wordlists for 138 different languages that were created by parsing Wikipedia database.
PWC 12-13 is a huge collection  (over 30 mln.) of phrases to be used in pass-phrase recovery. We managed to create these unique wordlists by parsing popular lyrics.
PWC 14-17 incorporates over 216 million real human passwords (only English ones).
PWC 18 contains a list of over 127 million real user names.
PWC 19 holds over 100 million domain names.

What is it for
Each dictionary from the collection is a text file with .dic (ASCII text, Windows encoding), .udic (UNICODE 16) or .utf (UNICODE8) extention. Lines are terminated with the CR-LF pair. All the strings are arranged by the alphabetical order and are duplicate-free. The wordlists are ready for use in password recovery applications that implement dictionary attack.
Dictionary attack is one of the most efficient tools for the recovery of passwords that are not stored explicitly. For instance, Windows user account passwords. During such attack, the program checks word after word from the specified wordlist until the initial password is found. This technique is efficient since many people use regular words and phrases for their passwords. Certainly, the greater the wordlist is, the greater is your chances to recover the initial password.
Wordlists of PWC2 are much alike, except that each string in the dictionary contains a complete pass-phrase instead of a single word. For example, 'to be or not to be' or 'the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog'. PWC2,  PWC12 and  PWC13  are meant for the use with Passcape Software products in pass-phrase attack.
The pass-phrase attack has not been practically used in password recovery applications until recently, mainly, because of the too great amount of labor required for the composition of the dictionaries. In the meantime, pass-phrase attack is an extremely efficient tool for recovering composite, complex, and multiple-word passwords.

Where and how it is to be used
It's not that easy to find a decent collection of unique wordlists online. Good wordlists are normally large, and downloading them takes quite some time. 
One of original and courageous solutions is using online wordlists, like the way it is implemented in Network Password Recovery Wizard, Opera Password Recovery, Mozilla Password Recovery or Windows Password Recovery. However, with this approach, such wordlists, unfortunately, can hardly be used with other applications. The best solution of the issue would be to use precompiled collections of thematic dictionaries like Passcape Wordlist Collection.
The use of wordlist collection in password recovery software doesn't seem hard even for a novice user. All it normally takes is to set path to wordlist (or to several ones) in a program's settings before launching the dictionary attack. Since all PWC dictionaries are ready for use, you can even specify a path to the CD with the wordlists, so you don't need to have them copied to your computer's hard drive beforehand.

Advantages of Passcape Dictionaries Collection
- PWC is the result of the many months of hard and careful work on gathering, formatting, and creating unique wordlists and pass-phrases.
- PWC includes the list of 138 language wordlists, huge collection of words taken from over 10000 ebooks, dictionaries and encyclopedias, 8 CDs with real passwords and much more. The total size of all of the wordlists is over 13.7 GB .
- PWC is the saving of disk space, bandwidth consumption and valuable time.
- PWC is the unique content, created by Passcape, you'll never find anywhere else on the net.

Windows/*nix all versions, CD-ROM.

Compatible with almost all Windows and *nix password recovery software.

  Pricing and order processing

  • Passcape Wordlist Collections 1,2,3 ...19 paid download link (.7z files) - $16.00 each link
  • Passcape Wordlist Collections, full bundle (19 CDs), paid download link - $152.00 ( 50% discount )

How does PWC1 look like
PWC2 snapshots
Full word statistics for PWC1, PWC2, PWC3, PWC4, PWC5, PWC6, PWC7, PWC8, PWC9, PWC10, PWC11, PWC12, PWC13, PWC14, PWC15, PWC16, PWC17, PWC18, PWC19.
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