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Camera and microphone access tracking
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Reset Windows Password: Camera and microphone access tracking

Using this forensic investigation feature you can figure out easily what program or process was using the microphone or camera (as well as some additional devices like location sensors, if Windows stores the history), when and how long was the last activity session.
Windows stores the tracking information in the following registry keys:


This tool can also be used to detect a rat-like behavior of any malicious processes or programs accessing the hardware secretly.


Choosing user account

Selecting user account for extracting hardware access tracking information

In order to extract the camera\microphone tracking information, you need to choose a user account first.


Date and time filters

Sorting out unnecessary information

You use the time filters to display a certain date or period only.


Camera and microphone access tracking

Displaying camera and microphone access tracking information

Where appropriate, the program retrieves access information for any available hardware, like Bluetooth devices, not just the microphone or camera.