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Windows Password Recovery editions
OneNote password recovery v3.4
Support for Microsoft Office 365
Reset Windows Password v14.2
Telegram data recovery, Photo Database and Media Player investigation tools, and some more
Office password recovery tools
Resetting VBA passwords
New blog post
Dumping the history of users' IP addresses in Windows

Articles and video

You may find it helpful to read our articles on Windows security and password recovery examples. Video section contains a number of movies about our programs in action

Windows Password Recovery editions

Windows Password Recovery comes in three editions: Light, Standard, and Advanced. The detailed list of features is shown below.


Feature Light Standard Advanced
Support for Windows workstation XP - 11
Support for Windows server 2000 - 2019
Windows 32/64-bit support
Non-US Windows support  
International passwords support
Multithreaded recovery
Interface themes support
Load hashes from local computers
Load hashes from remote computers
Dump regular hashes
Dump password history hashes
Dump Windows PIN
Dump cloud cached password for Microsoft and Azure AD accounts
Support for passwordless accounts
Extract BitLocker recovery passwords
Search for plaintext passwords
Search for plaintext passwords on remote PC when importing hashes remotely
Load hashes from SAM
Load Active Directory hashes
Load domain cached credentials
Password recovery for domain cached credentials
Import hashes from other programs
Load hashes from system restore folders
Export hashes to PWDUMP file
Common attacks
Advanced attacks
Smart attacks
Batch attack
View AI password cache
Smart password mutation
Online dictionaries
Support SYSKEY startup password protection and SYSKEY floppy protection
Instant password recovery for some current user accounts
Custom wordlist generator using Dictionary attack options
Generate dictionaries by mask
Generate dictionaries by given base-word
Combined dictionaries generator
Phrase wordlist generator (based on pass-phrase attack options)
Support for hybrid and indexed (*.rti) rainbow tables
Can restrict access to the program
Password strength measurement
Hash checker
Random hash generator
Multiple hashes generator
Rainbow table (*.RT) generator
Passcape rainbow table (*.PRT) generator
Dictionary to hash generator
Backup system registry files
Backup Active Directory database
Asterisk password viewer tool
Offline password remover (regular, domain, and cached domain accounts)
Hardware monitor
GPU activity monitor
Password reports
Fingerprint dictionaries generator
LSA secrets Dumper
Domain cached credentials explorer
Wordlist tools: create a wordlist by indexing files
Wordlist tools: merge wordlists
Wordlist tools: wordlist statistics
Wordlist tools: sorting
Wordlist tools: conversion/compression
Wordlist tools: wordlist comparison
Wordlist tools: additional operations
Wordlist tools: indexing words/passwords of HDD sensitive areas
Creat wordlists based on the Hybrid dictionary attack
Active Directory Explorer
SAM explorer
Windows Vault offline decryptor
DPAPI: offline DPAPI blob recovery
DPAPI: DPAPI blob analysis
DPAPI: DPAPI blobs search
DPAPI: Master Key analysis
DPAPI: dump password history hashes
DPAPI: analyze password history
Customizable password mutation
Windows hello: recover user credentials
Windows hello: decrypt biometric databases
Windows hello: fast PIN search
Windows Credentials Explorer
GPU-based attacks
Using deep machine learning algorithms to recover passwords
Event notifications
Support for multiple GPU devices
Max number of supported CPU cores 2 32 32
Account limitation (max number of accounts the program can work simultaneously) 500 5000 unlimited
14-days honor-based money-back guarantee ( 1 )
License personal personal business
Price $65 $345 $895

- limited functionality

  1. Only if the program is malfunctioning and we meet assistance in finding out why