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Language Files

The following is a listing of interface language files for immediate download and use inside our programs. In order to get free product registration, you can translate the programs interface language file into your native language. Detail are here.

  Program Language files
Windows Password Recovery Windows Password Recovery Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish
Reset Windows Password Reset Windows Password Chinese, Croatian, French, German, Hebrew, Persian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Thai
Internet Explorer Password Recovery Passcape Internet Explorer Password Recovery German, Dutch, French, Italian, Latvian, Macedonian, Portuguese(Br), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Ukrainian
Mozilla Password Recovery Mozilla Password Recovery German, Czech, French, Hungarian, Italian, Nederlands, Portuguese(Br), SpanishLA, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian
Opera Password Recovery Opera Password Recovery German, Afrikaans, Chinese, Czech, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, SpanishLA, Ukrainian
OpenOffice Password Cracker OpenOffice Password Cracker French, Russian
Word Password Recovery Word Password Recovery French, Russian
Excel Password Recovery Excel Password Recovery French, Russian
Access Password Recovery Access Password Recovery French, Russian
PowerPoint Password Recovery PowerPoint Password Recovery French, Russian
OneNote Password Recovery OneNote Password Recovery French, Russian
Outlook Password Recovery Passcape Outlook Password Recovery German, Catalan, French, Galician, Occitan, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Outlook Express Password Recovery Passcape Outlook Express Password Recovery German, Catalan, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Galician, Italian, Occitan, Russian, Spanish
Windows Mail Password Recovery Windows Mail Password Recovery Dutch, French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian
IncrediMail Password Recovery IncrediMail Password Recovery German, Chinese, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian
Eudora Password Recovery Eudora Password Recovery German, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian
TheBat! Password Recovery TheBat! Password Recovery German, Chinese, French, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian
Passcape Win CD Keys Passcape Win CD Keys German, Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Korean, Nederlands, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Ukrainian
Network Password Recovery Wizard Network Password Recovery Wizard Chinese, Dutch, French, Nederlands, Romanian, Russian, Slovensko, Ukrainian
Wireless Password Recovery Wireless Password Recovery Chinese, French, Russian



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