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Windows Password Recovery v10.1

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Windows Password Recovery v10.1

Windows Password Recovery has been updated. This version includes support for Windows 10, a lot of improvements for better handling national passwords and other changes:

 New word grabbing module in Artificial Intelligence attack and HDD indexing tool. This modules searches and enumerates all words in Windows registry.
 New option to save project automatically every time new attack is starting or stopping.
 Support for passwords derived from DVORAK and AZERTY keyboards in Preliminary attack.
 Check for passwords with non-standard characters in Preliminary attack.
 New 'Export to POT' feature to save found passwords and hashes.
 Support for Japanese and Thai character sets.
 New benchmarks.
 New Office 2016 visual themes.
 This version got three major changes in Mask attack syntax:
  1. Now you should set UNICODE character codes in %r sequence instead of ASCII codes. So you can easily set a password mask for any language or even for passwords in multiple languages.
  2. You can use both decimal and hexadecimal numbers when setting %r or %d sequences now. For example, %r(0x0600-0x06ff) is equal to %r(1536-1791).
  3. New dynamic charset %* is aimed to use a character from the full ASCII table (codes 1 through 255).
 Significant improvements in the sub-module for guessing passwords which were based on keyboard combinations. A lot of new password patterns were added. Now it can handle top passwords as well.
 Some minor enhancements in user interface.
 Some minor enhancements in internal engines, like better support for Firefox password extraction, etc.
 Changes in Credential history dumper interface. Support for Windows 10.
 Credential history analyser supports for Windows 10 now.
 Changes in DPAPI Masterkey analyser. Support for Win 10.
 Changed internal logic in DPAPI decoder tool. Support for Windows 10.
 Windows Vault Explorer supports Windows 10 now.
 Update for the French user interface and some minor improvements that were provided by Laurent Debard.
 Minor interface bug in Vault Explorer.
 Minor bug in Wordlist Merge tool.
 Fixed a problem with CPU brute-force recovery. It was not working at all with some Asian character sets.
 Fixed a problem in Mask recovery (both CPU- and GPU-based attacks). The program failed to find any Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc. passwords.
 A error reading big PCD files was eliminated.
 ?i and ?o rules were working incorrectly in Hybrid dictionary attacks.
 Fixed a critical error in smart mutation engine.

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