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Windows Password Recovery v9.0.9

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Windows Password Recovery v9.0.9

New major update of Windows Password Recovery has been submitted.

 Support for AVX2 CPU instruction set. Password recovery for AVX2 compatible CPUs runs 1.5 - 2 twice as fast as ones without AVX2 at the same frequency.
 Support for future AMD Radeon Rx 200 series GPUs.
 Artificial Intelligence attack and HDD indexing tool support password recovery of newest versions of Opera browser now.
 Support for password recovery of almost all Chromium-based browsers: Google Chrome, Orbitum, Torch, CoolNovo, Comodo Dragon, RockMeIt, SRWare Iron, Yandex browser, Epic browser, etc.
 New password lookup module which is involved in Artificial Intelligence recovery and HDD word index tool.
 Several thousands of new Hybrid rules were added. Total number of rules exceeds 180000.
 The Hybrid syntax has been revised significantly. Added 9 new rules. The program can import hashcat and passwordspro rules. The syntax accepts white spaces and comments. Several improvements in the rule parsing engine.
 The program has now enhanced support of DPAPI history credentials when loading hashes from local PC. Once a password is found for a local user, the program tries to decrypt all DPAPI history credentials stored by the system. Previous version of the program was able to extract credentials of the current local user only.
 New GPU speed benchmarks. Thanks goes to Laurent DEBARD who also updated the French interface.
 Up to 20% speedup in GPU fingerprint recovery for certain GPU devices.
 The Pass-phrase mutation engine has been rewritten from scratch. New rules were added, some were omitted. Great speed optimization has been done: all ultra mutation modes run more than 10 times faster now.
 Changes in the asterisk password viewer tool. Asterisk revealer DLL is loading dynamically now.
 The program got rid of some annoying warnings in GPU monitor and general settings.
 Changes in the Base-word attack. The program generates more variants for the original input word.
 A lot of improvements for better compatibility with 64-bit Windows. The problem was in some incompatibility of the program when running under 64-bit OSes. As a matter of fact, the system folders %windir%/system32 and %windir%/SYSWOW64 do not hold the same sub-folders and the same files. Microsoft explains that Windows 64-bit versions redirect any request of a 32-bit application (e.g. Windows Password Recovery) when accessing %windir%/system32 to a folder named %windir%/SysWOW64. But the 32-bit program believes it actually sees the %windir%/system32. As the result, for example some system Vault files can be accessible through the SysWOW64 folder only. Now the program has some tricks to overstep this and some other problems.
 Some minor changes in Smart mutation engine (affects all dictionary based attacks and ones where mutation engine is involved, eg. the Base-word attack, Online recovery, etc.
 More accurate 'Time left' progress for some attacks.
 Update for Russian and French interfaces.
 The program was rebuilt under new environment (to make it AVX2-friendly). Unfortunately it is no longer compatible with Windows 2000.
 Changes in the program's edition restrictions.
 HTML files parsing bug. The error caused some words and passwords to be ignored and skipped that should not have been. The following items were affected: Artificial Intelligence and Online attacks, Wordlist utilities, plaintext password search engine.
 Fixed a serious error in GPU mask recovery. Some passwords were dropped during the attack.
 Fixed a problem with AMD Radeon Cedar devices. Some attacks were failed with a critical error on Cedar GPUs.
 Pass-phrase attack bug. International phrases were parsed incorrectly.
 Some rules with leading or trailing spaces were not handled correctly in the Hybrid recovery.
 Fixed total password calculation bug in Combined dictionary attack.
 Custom charset selection bug in GPU dictionary-force attack.

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