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Reset Windows Password - search for Internet, mail, network passwords
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Reset Windows Password: searching for Internet, mail, network passwords

One of the application’s most notable features is searching and decrypting PC users’ network passwords. Reset Windows Password supports all major popular browsers and email clients. The interface is split into three steps to make the process as easy as possible, and the specific details are left to the program.


Selecting passwords to search

Selecting network passwords

On the first step of the Wizard, the program prompts you to select the type of passwords to be searched for and the source drive with the Windows folder. By default, the program selects the first hard drive, where the operating system is installed. The current version supports 3 types of passwords:

  1. Passwords of popular Internet browsers
  2. Passwords of popular e-mail clients
  3. Different network passwords stored locally

Customizing the search process

Setting password search options

On the next step, specify the location of the Windows folder and the folders where the program will try to find the passwords: all user profiles or only the selected one. In the latter case, select the respective folder.

In the final dialog, clicking the << Search Passwords >> button launches the process of gathering, analyzing, and decrypting data. Please be patient; depending on the selected options and the number of users in the system, the process may take quite some time.