Reset Windows Password v7.1.0
RWP now can create new SAM user accounts and supports for Win 10 Creators Update
Wireless Password Recovery v4.0.3
Some problems and bugs were fixed
Windows Password Recovery 11.2
Some improvements and speed optimization
Wireless Password Recovery v4.0
This version can recover multiple handshakes simultaneously almost without speed loss

Articles and video

You may find it helpful to read our articles on Windows security and password recovery examples. Video section contains a number of movies about our programs in action

Wireless Password Recovery - additional tools



Access restriction

Restrict access to the program by setting a password.
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Access restriction


This is a tool for checking WPA password strength against password breakers.
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Password recovery speed benchmarks

Password checker

Manual password checkout for the selected WPA hash.
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Manual password check-out

WPA hash generator

A set of several tool to generate WPA hashes (out of a wordlist for example) and save them to file.
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WPA hash generator