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Reset Windows Password: Telegram forensics

As you may know, the popular cross-platform messenger Telegram is one of the most widely-used applications for instant message exchanging. The application is available for download and installation on the Windows operating system and is known as Telegram Desktop. Telegram provides reliable built-in security. All local data used by the application, such as settings, cache, images, and so on, are securely encrypted.

This feature of the Reset Windows Password is aimed to search for the Telegram passcode, decrypt locally encrypted files, and analyze downloads of the Telegram Desktop application.

Selecting a disk to scan

Telegram source  

Choose the disk on which you need to search for the Telegram Desktop directories or files.


Choosing Telegram folder

Telegram directory  

After the disk is selected, the program will start an immediate search of Telegram directories on the disk. Please note, the initial scan may take a few minutes if this disk has not been cached yet. Subsequent searches typically takes seconds. The program guarantees successful detection of all Telegram Desktop directories on the selected disk, wherever they may be located.
Found Telegram Desktop folders can be selected from the dropdown list. Choose the directory you need, if there are multiple ones, in order to proceed.


Choosing what do you need to recover

Choosing Telegram decryption mode  

Choose from the following actions available for the found Telegram Desktop folder: