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Analyze images stored in Windows Photo application
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Windows media forensics: image analysis


Image forensics

This report contains a general information on photo and picture items. Namely:
  • The name of the file
  • Date taken
  • Recognized objects (ranged by pre-defined tags)
  • Text recognized by the OCR engine. Note that international characters are not recognized properly if the source OS has no corresponding language installed.
  • The number of detected faces
  • File size
  • Image width
  • Image height
  • Location country
  • Location region
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Image caption
  • Full path to the file
  • Image author
  • Image copyright
  • The path to the duplicate, if found
  • Image quality score
  • Camera manufacturer
  • Camera model
  • Camera F-number
  • Camera focal length
  • Camera ISO speed
  • Camera exposure time
  • Software used for image editing
  • Last created/changed/edited
  • Last time the image viewed in the library
  • Album name the image belongs to
The report table contains filter boxes located right below column headers. These filters can be used to sort out unnecessary items or to search for certain images fast. For example, if you need to check if there are any screenshots with credit cards, just type in 'visa' into the 'Recognized text' filter to find all image files that contain the word 'visa'.