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Reset Windows Password v11.1

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Outlook Password Recovery v3.2.1
Support for Windows 11 and the latest version of MS Outlook
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Reset Windows Password v11.1

A new update of the Reset Windows Password v11.1 brings a significant performance optimization. Here's a full list of what were changes:

 Backdoor passwords search when recovering Microsoft Office documents.
 Better UI response timings when searching for application keys and serial numbers. It took too much time sometimes to stop the keys extraction process.
 Updates for the French, and Russian interfaces. Thanks, Laurent Debard, for keeping it up-to-date.
 Performance optimization when recovering Windows PINs. Up to 8-x speedup for CPUs with AVX2 instruction set.
 Significant performance optimization when recovering Domain Cached Credentials type 2. Up to 20-x boost on newer CPUs.
 Performance optimization when recovering VMWare and VirtualBox encrypted machines. Up to 7-x boost for VirtualBox and up to 2-x speed increase when recovering VMWare encrypted virtual PCs.
 Support for disks with non-default sector size when creating disk images.
 Occasionally some Opera profiles were skipping in the Browser history tool.
 A serious error loading some old-style Microsoft PowerPoint and Word documents.
 Error parsing most open document formats. The program failed to decrypt some OpenOffice documents because of the bug.
 The Windows Events tool didn't work for the newest versions of Windows 10.

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