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Reset Windows Password v14.2

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Reset Windows Password v14.2
Telegram data recovery, Photo Database and Media Player investigation tools, and some more
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Reset Windows Password v14.1
IP addresses history viewer, fast disk search, local security editor and some more

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Reset Windows Password v14.2

Good news everyone!) This minor release of the program, even though has no serious changes, comes with a couple of new features you might find interesting.

 First, there's a new Telegram Desktop investigation tool. This tool actually includes 3 features aimed to help you recovering your Telegram passcode, decrypt protected files, and analyze downloads of the Telegram desktop app.
 Second, the Windows media forensics now supports two additional features: Windows 10/11 Photo Database and Windows 11 Media Player investigation tools.
 A great update for anyone who deals with Microsoft Office password protection pretty much. The SHA512 hashing algorithm has undergone significant improvements. This helps to speed up certain password search algorithms by up to three times. As a result, the password recovery process for Microsoft Office 2013-2021 documents is much faster now.
 Finally, we have significantly improved the logic behind the search for password-protected documents. Instead of checking a specific disk location, the program now scans the entire disk and instantly displays a list of all password-protected documents it founds. This new feature is made possible thanks to our brand-new and innovative instant disk search technology.

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