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Reset Windows Password v9.7

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Reset Windows Password v10.4.1
Support for Windows 10 21H1 and some extra enhancements
MS Office password recovery tools
Support for MS Office 97-2003 formats, a major update in the password analysis module and mask attack syntax, etc.
Office recovery tools
Some major changes in the password extraction module, mask attack syntax, etc.
Reset Windows Password v10.3
Disk image creation tool, Windows PIN history decryption, new HTML/email parsing engine

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Reset Windows Password v9.7

Reset Windows Password has been updated to version 9.7. New features of this release:
 Support for Windows 10 2004.
 Password recovery for VmWare and VirtualBox virtual machines.
 Display additional info about the target operating system when choosing registry files.
 Account lockout policy check. Now when resetting password for a local account the program additionally checks if the user account is locked by lockout policy and, if yes, prompt to reset the policy additionally.
 Support for Lockwise password encryption when extracting passwords out of Mozilla-based browsers like Firefox, SeaMonkey, K-Meleon, etc. The Lockwise password manager (on desktop, this is a part of Firefox v70+) has got a brand-new and enhanced protection based on AES-256 cipher and SHA-256 hashing algorithms.
 Italian interface language (thanks to José Francisco Mendoza Martínez).
 Language updates for Chinese (supplied by Liang Piau Suk), French (thanks to Laurent Debard), Russian (Ivan O.), and Spanish (José Francisco Mendoza Martínez) interfaces.
 Sometimes the program was unable to find and extract pictures for local user accounts.

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