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Windows Password Recovery 11.7

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Windows Password Recovery 11.7

The Windows Password Recovery tool has been updated to version 11.7.0. This update includes the following changes and features:

 Support for Windows 10 1903. Almost all program's modules are affected: plaintext password extraction (Mimikatz-like) from memory, the Vault and DPAPI tools, etc.
 Support for Trusted Boot Auto-Logon. This is a new Windows 10 DPAPI flaw we discovered recently. Further details will follow soon.
 Decrypted LSA secrets can be saved to files now.
New speed benchmarks.
 Update for French interface. Special thanks go to Laurent Debard for supporting the update and testing out the final version.
 Some enhancements in GPU health monitor. Better error diagnostics.
 Changes in Hybrid dictionary engine: new mutation rules, some improvements when importing Hashcat rules, etc.
 Now in Batch options you can append saved batch attacks to an existing list instead of just replacing it.
 Sometimes the program failed unexpectedly when a password was found.

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