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Windows Password Recovery 11.6

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Windows Password Recovery v13.3
Some improvements in extracting and decrypting Windows PINs
Reset Windows Password v10.2
New tools to extract a list of last opened documents and programs
Reset Windows Password v10.1
Some minor improvements and bug fixes
Reset Windows Password v10.0
The program can search and recover passwords for encrypted documents now

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Windows Password Recovery 11.6

The Windows Password Recovery tool has been updated. This update includes the following changes:

 Support for Windows 10 RS5 and Windows Server 2019.
 Support for new GPU devices.
 GPU health monitor.
The hardware monitor has been changed. Now it also shows retain and abort temperatures for GPUs.
 Some internal changes in recovery engine.
 Support for the newest versions of Firefox when extracting local passwords in AI attack and in Wordlist indexation tool.
 Speed improvement in LM password recovery (for AMD and NVIDIA GPUs only). Up to 80% speedup for some new devices.
 Minor changes in default rule-file (Yurets.ini) of a Hybrid dictionary attack. Some rules were cut as they have generated multiple errors in a Chinese version of Windows.
 An error caused by AMD drivers was fixed. The program crashed unexpectedly when launching AMD kernels on some drivers. It turns out that some versions of AMD drivers report they have support for SPIR but, in fact, they do not. Moreover, trying to compile a SPIR binary using the drivers may ruin the program (as well as any other application that call the SPIR compilation routine). This version has a workaround for the problem.
 A buffer overflow bug in Dictionary merge tool.
 A problem when saving Batch attack options has been eliminated.
 The program ignored and skipped some passwords when running a GPU Hybrid dictionary attack and the source dictionary file contained certain non-English characters. Fixed now.

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