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Wireless Password Recovery v4.0

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Wireless Password Recovery v4.0

Wireless Password Recovery v4.0 has been released. This version includes:

 Support for multi-mode recovery. The multi-mode allows cracking multiple handshakes (with the same SSIDs) simultaneously. Wireless dump files may contain broken handshakes and often there's no reliable way to figure out whether a handshake is valid or not. Furthermore, some AP models use default ESSIDs. The program can combine all handshakes with similar SSID and recover them simultaneously, almost without speed loss. That is what multi-mode was created for.
 Handshake generator - is a new feature requested by users. Now you can construct new handshakes using custom data.
 Import handshakes from Elcomsoft projects (*.wkp). This file format is used by Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor. Thanks Paul for helping out to understand the format.
 New all_case.ini rules file to generate all possible character case combinations. The rule is to be used in Hybrid recovery.
 Support for *.hccap files with multiple handshakes.
 Update for French and Russian interfaces. Thanks goes to Laurent DEBARD. Well done, Laurent.
 The price for the program was dropped.

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