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Passcape Wordlist Collection

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Passcape Wordlist Collection

Passcape Wordlist Collection has been updated. Now the collection's size if over 10 Gb. It is the largest unique wordlist collection available worldwide.

 Added 4 CDs with real human passwords (over 216 million) collected by our company.
 New word-lists were added as well. Namely:
  • classic.dic with 100000 English words was added to collection 1 (PWC01).
  • PWC02 was increased by 18,5 million human logins and nick names.
  • Over 7 million search phrases were added to collection of phrases. The search phrases are nothing more than AOL search queries (available online) parsed and set to human-readable form by our company.
 Some dictionaries were optimized, stripped out html entities, etc.
 The collection is packed using 7z archiver now.

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