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Wireless Password Recovery v2.0

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Wireless Password Recovery v6.2.8
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Wireless Password Recovery v2.0

New version of the program has been submitted. The list of changes is as follows:

 Support for ATI video cards.
 Hardware monitor for ATI GPUs.
 Hardware monitor can display GPU fan speed now.
 WDDM tunner. Allows to adjusting the GPU kernel execution timeout to prevent some old or slow GPUs from being crashed.
 CUDA GPU engine has been rewritten. Now GPU recovery on CUDA-based GPUs runs ~ 5% - 10% faster depending on hardware used.
 2 times speedup when recovering WPA hashes (but not handshakes) using GPU environment.
 Mask attack has been rewritten to get ride of some specific troubles.
 Brute-force attack bug was fixed.
 Fixed password computation bug for ssid length is equal to 32.
 Attack continue didn't work properly for some attacks when using GPU recovery.
 Fixed critical error in Artificial Intelligence recovery (the program failed unexpectedly while trying to decode IE 7-9 password stuff).
 Fixed serious error which caused to improper enumeration of non-English words in files. Worlist utilities and Artificial recovery were affected.

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