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Windows Password Recovery v5.1

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Windows Password Recovery v5.1

 New GPU benchmarks.
 Added NTLM hashes import from PasswordsPro project files.
 GPU bruteforce attack (supports CUDA-based card only).
 New sophisticated password lookup algorithm (in Preliminary attack) allows to decrypt keyboard-based passwords based on complex patterns.
 Several enhancements and new recovery sub-modules of the Preliminary attack.
 The program has 2 new global options now:
  1. Check for updates when the program starts up
  2. Duplicate log messages to wpr.log file
 New ruleset file with more than 74000 Hybrid attack rules (sent by our user *)
 Added 23 brand-new reports for password-list analysis.
 Support for big word-lists in Combined dictionary attack. The old version of the program allowed only to use word-lists that can be fit completely into memory and ran out of memory
 for big wordlists. Now it can as well process dictionaries directly from disk during the attack.
 Added 2 new VS2011 like application look themes.
 Added 2 new Report visualization themes.
 Added 2 additional options when loading hashes from binary files. Now you can turn on/off loading:
  • password history hashes
  • machine accounts' hashes
  • plaintext passwords
 Fixed incorrect chart drawing in some reports.
 Error in file sorting module has been fixed. Some files were not sorted properly.
 Vista homegroup password read bug eliminated. The program failed unexpectedly trying to read specific homegroup data.
 Artificcial Intelligence attack bug. Opera browser passwords were parsed improperly. This caused to unhandled exception sometimes.
 Fingerprint attack endless loop bug. The fingerprint attack went into infinite loot sometimes.
 Sometimes attack progress was not saving properly.
 Fixed problem in combined dictionary generator tool. Output words were generated improperly.
 Fixed serious error in Batch attack. Batch options were not saved properly sometimes which led to various implicit problems.
 Password list was not updating sometimes when Batch attack was finished.
 Hybrid dictionary attack error. Stop/Continue did not work properly for *.pcd files.
 Some custom rules in 'Wordlist tools->Additional operations' worked incorrectly and caused unexpected program's behaviour.
 Over 20000 brand new rules were added to the english_words.ini ruleset file (ready-to-use in the Hybrid dictionary attack).
 Phrase attack speed was increased slightly.
 Combined dictionary attack has been rewritten. Now it runs a bit faster and eats less memory.
 Minor cosmetic improvements.
 Mask attack syntax was changed.
 A number of visual enhancements.

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