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What's new in version 4.0.6

Passcape_Admin, 16:18:50 20.01.2012 Rating: 0 #1

What's new in version 4.0.6  

This product release has the following new features:

+ New password recovery method invented in our company: Passcape rainbow table attack.
+ Passcape rainbow table generation tool.
+ New rule files for Hybrid Dictionary attack.
+ Added several brand-new mutation rules.
+ New simple reports for saving cracked user names or passwords.
+ Mutation customization in Dictionary attack. Each mutation group can be turn on/off separately now.
+ 6 new reports were added to account statistics: 
    Last 10 failed logon accounts
    Last 10 changed passwords
    Last 10 successful logons
    Last 10 logoffs
    Expired soon accounts
    Regular vs. never expired passwords
+ Support for packed wordlists (RAR and ZIP).
+ Improvements in Active Directory reader engine.
+ More efficient display of the progress in rainbow attacks.
+ Better memory management in Fingerprint attack.
+ Now you can additionally save data to text file in some reports.

The full list of changes is given at the following news page >>
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