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Best Performance Hardware for WPR

passme, 00:28:31 16.03.2015 Rating: 0 #1

Best Performance Hardware for WPR  

For 10,000+ users  what hardware i need to get the best out of WPR (Speed wise)i.e. Which/How many GPU's, which CPU, Memory, OS.

Passcape_Admin, 09:19:44 16.03.2015 Rating: 0 #2

RE: Best Performance Hardware for WPR  

Well there are no special recommendations, except the following ones:
  • CPU with AVX2 instruction set. As many cores as possible, not critical though. Well, some attacks (recovery methods) are based on CPU only, so a fast CPU which supports AVX2 is your choice. AVX2 compatible CPUs run 2 times faster compared to SSE2 ones.

  • At least one top AMD or NVidia GPU. I'd recommend NV GTX 980 as one of the best performance/$ solution on the market. You will get several billion password per seconds decrypting NTLM hashes. Several mainstream GPUs can be used as well, it's up to you. If you make up your mind for AMD GPU, pay a special attention to cooling system, AMD cards are very hot! 

  • OS  bitness is of no matter.

  • The program was tested on all OSes started with Windows XP, developed and stress-tested on Win 7. Workstation PCs may work a bit faster compared to server ones.

  • If you ever plan to add new GPU cards into your rig, consider buying a motherboard with as much PCIe slots as possible.

  • Some of the tools/attacks, for  example, wordlist tools eats a lot of memory, thus at least 3Gb (8 - for 64x systems) would be very nice to avoid getting out-of-memory.

  • Also, you will need good dictionaries/wordlists for some attacks. Consider using
    our collection (https://www.passcape.com/pdc).

To view performance for some CPU/GPU devices, open the program and select lm/ntlm
speed report in 'Report-Misc statistics' menu.
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