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Backup registry and Active Directory

Sergey, 17:43:12 18.02.2010 Rating: 0 #1

Backup registry and Active Directory  

Hi there, I have yet another one question.

How can I backup registry or Active Directory using Reset Windows Password?
Passcape_Admin, 18:00:00 18.02.2010 Rating: 0 #2

Re: Backup registry and Active Directory  

Depends on what do you need it for.
If you want just to copy the registry and AD files to another location, click Passcape button (at the bottom-left), run command line and copy the files using xcopy command.
However there's no need to backup the files manually. The program prompts you to create a rollback file before make any critical changes to your system. 
We're now working on our new utility for recovering Windows hashes. It will be able to backup (save) registry files and Active Directory database of a running system.
Sergey, 18:15:45 18.02.2010 Rating: 0 #3

Backup registry and Active Directory  

Would you please provide any info on the utility (eg. speeding, multithreading and GPU support)?
Passcape_Admin, 12:13:56 19.02.2010 Rating: 0 #4

Re: Backup registry and Active Directory  

Sure. The first version will be quite feature-rich, however GPU is not planning to be released in first versions.
Now it has some additional tools and 4 types of hashes import:
1. Import from local machine
2. Remote computer
3. Import from binary files, both registry and active directory are supported
4. Migration from other programs (8 types)

Recovery will include 10 attacks. Almost  all of them are being rewriting. All attacks support multi-threading.

Bruteforce runs at the following speed now (CPU 2,3 Ghz):
LM - 13-15 mln password/sec per processor core
NT - 20-25 mln password/sec per processor core

Passcape_Admin, 10:34:04 20.06.2011 Rating: 0 #5

RE: Registry and Active Directory backup  

Backing up Windows registry and Active Directory.
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