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Password recovery in RWP

Sergey, 16:20:09 17.02.2010 Rating: 0 #1

Password recovery in RWP  

How does password recovery work in RWP? The program found some passwords for certain account on my home machine but failed to on my laptop. 
Passcape_Admin, 16:41:00 17.02.2010 Rating: 0 #2

Re: Password recovery in RWP  

The program uses state of the art technology (AI attack) to guess Windows passwords. Passcape's Artificial Intelligence attack proved itself as the most effective attack on certain local passwords. The main idea is that the program reads your disk, creates a dictionary of all found words, mutates them and tries to guess your original password. It is based mainly upon a social engineering and had never been implemented in password recovery programs earlier.
Nevertheless it is not always possible to guess passwords on certain machines. Try to play around with recovery options, eg. set Artificial Intelligence attack to perform 'Deep search'.
Annyyu22, 13:08:30 01.03.2010 Rating: 0 #3

windows password security  

I would like to introduce Windows Password Key 8.0 . it not only supports XP, 2000, and NT, I have personally tested it with Vista Home Premium and Ultimate. It creates a password recovery CD/DVD,USB Flash Drive for home, business and enterprise. It works perfectly to reset your Windows password. You can download it from httр://www.lostwindowspassword.com
Anonym, 14:26:21 02.03.2010 Rating: 0 #4

Windows Password Key 8.0  

I've been using the utility and found out that the features they proclaim... How shall I put it... It's a lie from the beginning to the end.
The program does not recover all accounts. It does not support all types of SYSKEY encryption. It does not show non-english accounts. It does not support Win2k, Windows 2003, Windows 2008 servers. It didn't work for my SCSI controller and I found no way to add a driver.
Passcape_Admin, 10:21:14 03.03.2010 Rating: 0 #5

No Subject  

Well, what about Reset Windows Password then? Any test?
James67, 12:27:22 20.05.2010 Rating: 0 #6

Reset Windows Password 1.3  

My favorite is Reset Windows Password 1.3 that I get it from httр://www.top-password.com/reset-windows-password.html, it is much cheaper than Passcape Reset  Windows Password.
Passcape_Admin, 17:00:45 20.05.2010 Rating: 0 #7

Re: Reset Windows Password 1.3  

 Well, looks good, even though I haven't tested it yet. I will as soon as I have some spare time.
Passcape_Admin, 17:24:23 24.05.2010 Rating: 0 #8

Re: Reset Windows Password 1.3  

It's pity but I was unable to test the program's functionality or usability because the demo mode does not allow to do anything :(

And unlike Passcape Reset Windows Password is has a lack of any additional info/docs/screensots.
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