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Forensic tools of the program
Windows Password Recovery 11.2
Some improvements and speed optimization
Wireless Password Recovery v4.0
This version can recover multiple handshakes simultaneously almost without speed loss
Reset Windows Password v7.0.5
New features to recovery Internet and network passwords
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Windows Password Recovery - forensic tools



LSA secrets dumper

This is a plugin for handling, viewing, analyzing and editing Windows LSA secrets.
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LSA secrets dumper

Domain Cached Credentials explorer

Read and export domain cached records and hashes, as well as change/reset domain cached passwords.
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Domain cached credentials explorer

Active Directory Explorer

Active Directory Explorer is a small utility for viewing, analyzing and editing properties (attributes) of domain accounts, both public and private...
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Active Directory Explorer

SAM explorer

SAM Explorer allows you to view, analyze and edit the properties and statistics of Windows user accounts. The SAM database is stored in the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SAM\SAM and...
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SAM explorer

DPAPI tools

DPAPI stands for Data Protection Application Programming Interface. Currently DPAPI is very widely spread and used in many applications and Windows subsystems. Passcape Software first in the world offers a set of 6 tools for comprehensive analysis and decrypting data encrypted with DPAPI...
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DPAPI analysis tools

Windows Vault Explorer

Windows Vault Explorer is a utility for offline analyzing and decrypting Vault credentials: system secrets, web passwords, user credentials, etc.
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Windows Vault Decoder