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Setting Opera Master Password recovery options
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Opera Master Password Recovery Screenshots:
setting Opera Master Password recovery options

Currently there are 8 decryption methods available:

  1. Preliminary attack is a simple set of mini sub-attacks.
  2. Artificial Intelligence attack. Scans your current system for the lost password.
  3. Dictionary attack. Try every word from a dictionary until the password is found. This attack is the most effective against simple passwords.
  4. Brute-force attack guesses the password by trying all probable password variants from a given character set.
  5. Mask attack is very helpful if there's any information about the password.
  6. Base-word attack is useful if a part or source word of the password is known.
  7. Combined dictionary attack - to guess complex passwords.
  8. Phrase attack uses to search complex password by looking through a dictionary with frequently used phrases.

Once selected a recovery type, you will be prompted for different options on the next Wizard page.