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Windows Password Recovery v10.3

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Windows Password Recovery v10.3

Windows Password Recovery v10.3 has been released. This new version includes:

 The program can now extract and decrypt Active Directory plaintext passwords set by Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS).
 New feature for extracting Bitlocker recovery passwords to Full Volume Encryption (FVE) volumes. These passwords are stored in Active Directory.
 Radius plaintext password decryption when importing Active Directory accounts.
 New module for extracting other AD sensitive information like UNIX-compatible passwords, script execution passwords, etc.
 Support for new AMD GPU devices.
 Support for hash load from L0phtCrack export sessions.
 Support for encryption and editing Active Directory secrets (in Active Directory investigation tool).
 New password recovery speed benchmarks.
 Offline Password Remover can show password hints now.
 Support for Windows 8/10 LiveID accounts in Offline Password Remover tool.
 SAM Explorer tool supports viewing password hints (if any).
 Support for Windows 8/10 LiveID accounts was added to SAM Explorer tool. It can view and edit LiveID extended attributes as well.
 New 5 visual themes for reports and statistics.
 Some enhancements in Vault Explorer and DPAPI decoder tools.
 Support for new Active Directory encryption that is used by default in Windows Server 2016 TP4.
 Starting with this version, Active Directory Explorer can operate in two working modes:
  • Using native parser engine
  • Using Extensible Storage Engine APIs
 More plaintext passwords extraction and decryption from LSA secrets (when loading hashes into the program).
 Some Windows x64 compatibility workaround.
 Real LiveID account's name retrieval when importing hashes from raw SAM files.
 New message pool class was implemented to avoid program's deadlocks.
 Some enhancements when importing plain LM/NTLM hashes from text files.
 Import from LCS files is no longer supported.
 Minor interface bug.
 A minor bug was fixed in Windows Vault explorer tool. Some Vault entries of domain accounts were not decrypting properly.
 Interface bug in SAM Explorer. The tool didn't switch to edit mode sometimes.

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