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NPRW v2.1.20 beta

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Wireless Password Recovery v6.2.8
Password filters, improved performance for top devices
Reset Windows Password v9.7
Support for Windows 10 2004, virtual OS password recovery
Windows Password Recovery v13
With support for domain cached credentials
New article on Wireless Password Recovery
Using the program's intelligence to automate the password recovery process for wireless networks

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You may find it helpful to read our articles on Windows security and password recovery examples. Video section contains a number of movies about our programs in action

NPRW v2.1.20 beta

New Network Password Recovery Wizard beta1.
The program is now able to decrypt Window Vista CardSpace (InfoCard) files and to recover InfoCard passwords.
Passcape Password Prediction system has been implemented. It is helpful sometimes to recover commonly used password combinations.
Some new features was added to Smart Dictionary analysis.
A lot of new features in Preliminary Attack as well.
WPA-PSK attack speed was increased drastically. Pbkdf2 decryption algorithm was fully rewritten in assembler. This increased the recovery speed up to 300%.
The program can recover Internet Explorer 7 Wininet credentials now.
Auto mode decryption bug fixup, when the program unexpectedly hanged with multiple service errors.
MS Passport decryption bug (manual recovery mode).
RAS/Dialup passwords recovery bug (manual mode). Unhandled exceptions were raised from time to time.

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