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PWCDKEY 2.0 beta1

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PWCDKEY 2.0 beta1

Passcape Win CD Keys beta 1 has been out. It is the most significant upgrade recently. We've been working hard on it and your bug reports and suggestions are most welcome. Here's the list of fixed bugs and new features:
Empty string bug was fixed. MSPID3 structure is emptied on some computers with Windows Vista and LongHorn. The program was improperly treated the empty key and showed it as a consequence of 'B' letters like BBBBB-BBBBB...
Few minor user interface bugs were fixed.
New user interface language was added - French (thanks goes to Pierre Bernard again).
Few features were adapted to be compatible with new Microsoft products (e.g. Office 2007, Exchange 2007, etc.).
Microsoft CD keys detection algorithm was completely rewritten. So it became a bit faster (now it skips some unnecessary registry keys) and smarter (and finds more unknown keys).
Native support for Vista and LongHorn was implemented. In this case 'Native' means that unlike other programs it can decrypt new MSPID4 key storage structure.
The program now checks the MSPID storage structure signature (simple CRC or SHA256 hash, depending on Windows version). This signature prevents the data from the corruption within the structure.
The main and the most important feature in this version is custom keys retrieval. It allows you to extract keys for any software stored in the Windows registry. We included definitions for more than 350 software products. A sample configuration file is here. You can use this sample to create your own key definitions. Just edit it and save as licenses.ini into the program's installation folder.

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