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Windows Password Recovery 12.2

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Windows Password Recovery v15.3.0
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Windows Password Recovery 12.2

A new minor update for Windows Password Recovery v12.2 has been released. It includes the following changes:

 New speed benchmarks for AMD CPU and GPU devices.
 Interactivity was added to the password and group reports. Now it's easy to save some additional information to a file by mouse-clicking on an element of the reports.
 Up to 5% speedup for some Nvidia GPUs in brute-force recovery.
 The program uses new default parameters in GPU attacks now. That helps to get a better load for GPU devices right out of the box.
 Some changes in the way passwords are caching. The global password cache is not shared among programs any longer.
 Additional checks for GPU kernel execution timeout were added.
 Some visual enhancements.
 The end of support for old NVidia CUDA 2.x devices.
 Some GPU parameters were not saving properly in hybrid and dictionary attacks.
 An error in a mask attack using GPU. Using an input mask that exceeded 16 elements often caused the program to pop up with an unforeseen error.

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