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Reset Windows Password v9

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Office password recovery tools
Support for new devices, some speedup when recovering MS Office 2013-2019 passwords using AMD GPUs, bugs fixups
Windows Password Recovery 11.6
Support for new GPU devices, GPU health monitor, LM password recovery speedup
Reset Windows Password v9.0.1
Enhanced support for newer browsers when recovering internet passwords
Wireless Password Recovery v5.0.2
Minor improvements and bug fixes

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You may find it helpful to read our articles on Windows security and password recovery examples. Video section contains a number of movies about our programs in action

Reset Windows Password v9

The new version of Reset Windows Password has been released.

 Support for Windows 10 RS5.
 Support for Windows Server 2019.
 New tool to view account statistics.
 Hardware history viewer.
 Software installations viewer.
 Network history viewer.
 Recent user activity viewer tool.
 New tools to view last modified files and folders.
 To provide an extra layer of protection for local accounts, Microsoft added the use of security questions and answers recently. The new version of Reset Windows Password can extract and decrypt the secret questions and answers (to all local accounts).
 Translations for German, Russian and French interfaces have been updated.
 Some minor enhancements. Thanks to Laurent Debard for suggesting new features.
 Search for product keys and serial numbers behaved incorrectly. The program was skipping some found keys.
 Resetting passwords for Domain cached credentials was not working properly on some Windows configurations.

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