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Reset Windows Password v8.0

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Reset Windows Password v8.0

New version of Reset Windows Password has been released. Even though there are not so many changes, some of the features along with the program's logic were revised significantly.

 New feature for resetting passwords of domain cached accounts has been introduced. When a user logs on to a Windows domain, the user's domain credentials are securely cached to his/her PC. This feature allows users logging on to the domain when the local workstation is disconnected from the network or even if no domain controller is available. Now if the domain password is forgotten, you can log on to your domain account by simply resetting your cached credentials using our Reset Windows Password tool. RWP is the first program that can easily get around the problem of lost passwords for the domain accounts.
 New feature to search for domain cached (plaintext) passwords. Both domain cached credentials type 1 and DCC type 2 are supported.
 This version also allows to roll back (revert) changes made to domain cached credentials.
 New program's logic. Now all features are scattered across 4 working modes. The working modes are:
  • SAM - regular user accounts
  • DCC - domain cached accounts
  • AD - Active Directory domain accounts
  • UTILS - miscellaneous utilities
 The program migrated to new bootable environment.
 New set of HDD drivers that come with the program.
 Support for multithreading when recovering SYSKEY plaintext password. Password search speed was increased up to several times, depending on CPU type.
 Update for French and Russian interfaces. Thanks goes to Laurent Debard.

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