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Wireless Password Recovery v4.1.5

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Wireless Password Recovery v4.1.5

Wireless Password Recovery v4.1.5 has been released which includes:

 New option for importing all possible handshakes from capture files. The main difficulty when extracting WPA handshakes from capture files is that there is no surefire way of validating a particular handshake. You might know that every password handshake consists of data that reside in at least two authentication packets (out of 4 authentication messages between an access point and a client). The data can be sent in different packets. For instance, in the first and second message, third and fourth, and so on.
The validation problem is further complicated by the following:
- Authentication packets can be sent several times. For example: MSG1, MSG2, MSG1, MSG4.
- Authentication packets can be interleaved with the deauthentication message that is often used for re-associating a client and an access point. For instance, MSG1, DEAUTH, MSG2. Once the deauthentication message is met, the access point predictably considers such a handshake invalid and rejects authentication, although it may contain 'valid' data.
Many programs handle such situations differently. In the most complex cases, the only way to tackle this issue is to manually sort out trash and select certain packets for building valid handshakes. The new program's version comes with a brand-new algorithm for exhaustive handshake generation (out of dump files) that guarantees the presence of at least one valid handshake. To activate it, turn on the corresponding option in the handshake import dialog. However, everything comes at a price, and this algorithm is no exception. Its significant disadvantage is that valid handshakes are generated along with a lot of junk (invalid) records. Hundreds or even thousands of them, depending on the source file. Therefore, this option should be used exclusively with the multi-mode that allows handling handshakes with identical SSID’s simultaneously.
 Support for Hashcat *.hccapx files.
 New attack options.
 New speed benchmarks (NVidia GTX 1080 Ti).
 Changes in stealth mode. If Ctrl+H is pressed and password recovery is running, the program does not show notification message but silently hides itself instead. Alt+Ctrl+H is used to get back to normal state.
 Update for French and Russian interfaces. Thanks to Laurent DEBARD for interface improvements, suggestions and language translations.
 Now it is possible to change a handshake state manually when editing handshakes.
 Some usability improvements. Thanks Jason for multiple suggestions.

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