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Reset Windows Password v 6.4

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Reset Windows Password v10.0
The program can search and recover passwords for encrypted documents now
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Reset Windows Password v 6.4

New version of our Reset Windows Password has been release. It contains the following changes:

 Support for a brand-new encryption scheme of protecting password hashes in SAM file. The new protection came with Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The update affects almost a half of program's features like logon password reset/recovery, SYSKEY lookup/delete, hash dump, etc.
 Support for native AES-NI CPU instructions for faster SYSKEY password recovery on modern PCs.
 This version can also utilize a discovered vulnerability in new protection scheme (set by Win 10 Anniversary Update). This simple flaw helps to run SYSKEY password recovery a little bit faster.
 Some changes in SYSKEY reset mode.

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