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Reset Windows Password v6.1

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Support for new GPU devices, some improvements
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Reset Windows Password v6.1

New version of our Reset Windows Password has been submitted with the following changes:

 Support for Windows Server 2016 TP4. Windows Server 2016 implements new encryption type based on AES-256 cipher. It is used by default to protect/encrypting hashes in Active Directory.
 New fingerprint attack to search for SYSKEY and logon passwords better.
 New modules for extracting Active Directory sensitive information like UNIX-compatible passwords, script execution passwords, etc.
 New HDD drivers.
 Support for high capacity drives (over 32 Gb) when formatting Reset Windows Password boot image to FAT32.
 RWP ISO image has been reconstructed to get better compatibility with UEFI firmware.
 Support for Radius password decryption when importing Active Directory accounts.
 Fixed some UEFI compatibility issues.
 A minor problem resetting AD passwords was fixed.
 Serious error in Active Directory password extraction module. The program might stall or fail unexpectedly.
 Fixed a bug in ISO Burner utility. 'FAT32 MBR BIOS' partition mode worked incorrectly for some USB devices.

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