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Passcape ISO Burner v2.0

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New algorithm for loading handshakes from capture files, new options
Reset Windows Password v7.1.0
RWP now can create new SAM user accounts and supports for Win 10 Creators Update
Wireless Password Recovery v4.0.3
Some problems and bugs were fixed
Windows Password Recovery 11.2
Some improvements and speed optimization

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Passcape ISO Burner v2.0

Passcape ISO Burner has been updated:

 The module for creating bootable USB drives has been rewritten completely. Now it has better support for various USB HDD devices, better detection of unformatted and problematic drives, new ISO burning modes (partitioning schemes) to get better BIOS and UEFI compatibility and some other enhancements. The 'Max compatibility' scheme allows creating USB drives that can be booted on both BIOS- and UEFI-based PCs.

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