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Windows Password Recovery v10

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Windows Password Recovery v10

New version of our Windows password auditing software has been submitted. It includes the following changes:

 New Hybrid dictionary recovery using GPU.
 Starting with this version the program can search for plaintext passwords on remote PCs when importing hashes remotely. This feature is on by default.
 5 new report visual themes.
 5 new account reports and 2 password reports.
 Support for new AMD devices.
 Support for Windows 10 in GPU recovery using AMD hardware (AMD Catalyst 15.7 is required).
 New rules for the Hybrid dictionary attack.
 The GPU password recovery engine was redesigned completely. GPU kernels were revised too. Rewriting makes some NTLM attacks run much faster (up to 2x faster for certain top GPUs). However, in order to gain most of your hardware and the new engine, you will have to play around and tune once the 'Thread blocks' option in some attacks. Please refer to attack documentation for more information on how to set up this parameter properly.
 Additional checkout in GPU Dictionary options.
 Maximal password length in GPU Mask attack was increased to 27 characters.
 Update for the French user interface and some minor improvements kindly provided by Laurent Debard.
 NVidia CUDA 1.1 - 1.3 devices are no longer supported.
 Some unnecessary GPU options were omitted.
 Some annoying warnings were suppressed when working with ntds.dit files.
 Some workarounds for the error 86 when importing hashes remotely in Windows 8/8.1 OSes.
 Minor problem in Bruteforce options dialog.
 Fixed a problem with the Base-word attack. The program sometimes failed unexpectedly when certain options were set.
 Fixed minor problem with rule 'S' in Hybrid dictionary attack.
 A remote PC connection bug has been eliminated. The problem was in incorrect program's behavior when detecting and treating the type of the remote PC. The error manifested itself mostly on 64-bit machines.
 Minor problem in Russian interface was fixed.

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