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Wireless Password Recovery v3.5.2

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Wireless Password Recovery v4.0
This version can recover multiple handshakes simultaneously almost without speed loss
Reset Windows Password v7.0.5
New features to recovery Internet and network passwords
Happy New Year!
New Year greetings and holidays discount
Windows Password Recovery v11.1
Some minor improvements, changes in DPAPI engine

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Wireless Password Recovery v3.5.2

Wireless Password Recovery has been updated:

2 new rules were added to the Hybrid attack. You can also use these rules to generate/edit custom wordlists.
Update for French and Russian translations (provided by Laurent Debard).
Fixed a problem recovering some *.CAP files. Old WPA PTK v1 structures were not decrypted properly under GPU environment. Thanks Mike Buran for testing it out.
Fixed a bug with default character set for TP_LINK_NNNNNN routers.

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