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Passcape Wordlist Collection

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Reset Windows Password v7.1.0
RWP now can create new SAM user accounts and supports for Win 10 Creators Update
Wireless Password Recovery v4.0.3
Some problems and bugs were fixed
Windows Password Recovery 11.2
Some improvements and speed optimization
Wireless Password Recovery v4.0
This version can recover multiple handshakes simultaneously almost without speed loss

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Passcape Wordlist Collection

Passcape Wordlist Collection has been updated recently. Its size is over 13.7 Gb now.

 Added new Russian and a common dictionary (with the most frequently used passwords) to CD1.
 CD3 now incorporates 4 brand-new dictionaries with user names and 3 wordlists with real user passwords.
 CD18 was added to the collection. It includes over 127 million of real network names.
 CD19 was added with 3 new dictionaries of 100 million domain names.

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