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Windows Password Recovery v9.8.0

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Windows Password Recovery v9.8.0

New version of the Windows Password Recovery has been released:

 The hash checking algorithm has been rewritten from scratch. WPR now runs much faster on big list of hashes.
 NTLM performance for NVidia Maxwell devices was increased significantly. Thus NVidia 750 Ti GPU cards are ~40% faster now.
 Added animation to reports.
 The "Password-list analysis -> Character set ordering" report has been revised.
 Update for the French user interface and some minor improvements kindly provided by Laurent Debard.
 CUDA 1.0 compatible GPUs are not supported any longer.
 Fixed a bug in Batch recovery. Some interface controls may become disabled after a Batch attack is over.
 Fixed a minor interface bug in benchmark dialog.
 The "Password-list analysis -> Character sets" report displayed incorrect values sometimes. Fixed.

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