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OpenOffice Password Cracker 2.0.0

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OpenOffice Password Cracker 2.0.0

OpenOffice Password Cracker has been updated to version 2.0.0 which includes the following features and fixes:

Added support for NVidia Maxwell GPUs.
The program supports for AVX2 CPU instructions. Password recovery on Haswell CPUs, for example, runs much faster now.
New flat color themes in password reports.
A lot of minor optimizations in password recovery engine aimed mainly for better handling system with multiple GPUs.
Performance tuning for certain NVidia GPUs.
Fixed a problem with projects which were moved from another PCs. Now if the program detects that the opening project was not created on a current PC, it resets the hardware configuration and asks user to revise other options.
Fixed a critical error parsing Outlook *.pst files. Artificial Intelligence attack and disk indexing tool may failed unexpectedly.
Display bug in the Dictionary recovery.
Fixed password check bug (affects all attacks).

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