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Reset Windows Password v4

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Security issue fix
Wireless Password Recovery v6.2.8
Password filters, improved performance for top devices
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Support for Windows 10 2004, virtual OS password recovery
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With support for domain cached credentials

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Reset Windows Password v4

New version of the popular password reset tool has a lot of improvements in recovering plaintext passwords. Here's the list of changes for the new release:

 Thai language interface.
 New Russian dictionary (in plaintext password recovery module).
 A brand-new 20 Mb English dictionary has been added to the program.
 3 new password search modules to search passwords in recycle bin, page file, hiberfil.sys and other big files.
 Support for password search in Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and LibreOffice documents.
 Support for search-terms extraction of almost all Chromium-based browsers: Google Chrome, Orbitum, Torch, CoolNovo, Comodo Dragon, RockMeIt, SRWare Iron, Yandex browser, Epic browser, etc.
 Skype chat analysis.
 Support for password search in Internet Explorer 10-11 cache.
 Manual password check (in password lookup dialog).
 File manager.
 Virtual disk mounting tool.
 New password recovery module to recover group policy plaintext credentials in a domain.
All dictionaries are supplied in PCD format now to shrink the program's size.
 Great speed improvement in password search engine when checking through a big list of hashes.
 Almost 50% of password search code has been rewritten.
 Changed the way of detection some system files and folders.
 Update for Russian, French (Laurent Debard) and Chinese (Liang Piau Suk) interfaces.
 A lot of minor improvements.
 Fixed language selection and switching problems. Thanks to Laurent Debard who tested out the problems and suggested some new features.
 Fixed multiple memory-related errors in password lookup modules.

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