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Windows Password Recovery v9.2.1

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Windows Password Recovery v9.2.1

The Windows Password Recovery has been updated. The update includes the following list of improvements:

 6 new rules for the Hybrid attack.
 HTML link extraction tool.
 New speed bencmarks for NVidia and AMD devices.
 Added character sets with new languages.
 The program can import plain LM/NTLM hashes now.
 Added 4 new color themes to reports.
 New password recovery module to recover group policy passwords in a domain. The Group Policy Preferences can be used to create local users on machines. There are also other preferences that could be set that allow a password to be stored. For example services to run on end machines with specific user credentials, etc. The passwords, even though encrypted, can be easily recovered. The encryption is AES-256 with a constant key derived from SHA-1 known value. The recovery module works in both online and offine modes, supports Windows Server 2003-2012 and recovers passwords for all known GP preferences.
 Added 3 new wordlists for Combined dictionary attack:
  • combdic_top1000.pcd - top 1000 frequently used English words
  • combdic_top5000.pcd - top 5000 frequently used English words
  • combdic_big.pcd - > 47000 frequently used words and passwords
 Changes in password mutation engine.
 The program now comes with a brand new 20 Mb dictionary.
 Some changes in license restrictions.
 Minor changes in LSA secret dumper.
 Update for French interface (thanks to Laurent DEBARD).
 Several visual enhancements.
 GPU brute-force algorithm has been revised (both LM and NTLM). Up to 10% speedup for some GPU devices.
 Speed reports have been revised.
 New options for selecting disabled, locked or history hashes in the list.
 This version comes with unoptimized LM kernels for AMD devices. Unfortunately AMD OpenCL compiler produces invalid code for certain bitwise operations. So we had to turn optimization off completely in order to make it work properly.
 Fixed a timeout problem when reading a big list of Active Directory hashes from a slow domain PC or from highly fragmented AD databases.
 Fingerprint progress bar indicator showed incorrect values when processing PPP items.
 Batch attack bug. Sometimes the program failed with critical error when running a Batch attack.
 Hash editing bug. After a hash was changed manually, the password state was not updating properly.
 Fixed a problem with LM recovery. Sometimes the program failed to find a second half of LM passwords even if it had to.
 Fixed a bug in GPU benchmark dialog. Some AMD devices failed unexpectedly.

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