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Wireless Password Recovery v2.4.0

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Wireless Password Recovery v2.4.0

 The main feature of this release is a more sophisticated processing of passwords based on non-English words or phrases. Here's the full list of changes:

 Support for non-English word-lists for all password recovery attacks. All words will be converted to English using default keyboard layout. For example, it is obviously useless to recover such password as 'Vfndtq06' having English word-lists because we know that it is based on Russian name 'Матвей' which corresponds to 'Vfndtq' after conversion from Russian keyboard layout. So to recover such passwords, you can simply run the Dictionary attack with Russian (or other language, no matter) wordlist. The program will convert all input words to English using default keyboard layout installed locally and mutate them if the option's set.
 New option to filter out non-English passwords or those ones which have at least one character not conforming to the WPA standard.
 Wordlist generator in Dictionary attack.
 Support for dumps without beacons.
 Some other minor visual improvements. For example, WPA password checker shows both MIC and PMK now.
 Several improvements in Base-word recovery. New extra mode has been added. The attack can generate more passwords now.
 Smart mutation engine has been rewritten. So it performs a bit faster if maximal mutation is set. Affects all attacks except the following ones: Brute-force, Mask, Combined.
 General options are stored in registry now and are restored upon next program launch.
 All wordlist generators have been revised and rewritten.

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