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Windows Password Recovery v6.1

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Windows Password Recovery v6.1

New version of Windows Password Recovery v6.1 has been submitted with full support for Windows 8. Here's what's changed:

 Significant update in DPAPI recovery engine. Now it implements a full support for Windows 8 DPAPI clouding and LiveID accounts. DPAPI blobs in Windows 8 LiveID accounts no longer compatible with regular ones. It is required a so-called "cached logon key" which resides in SAM registry file and protected with user password.
 The program can extract plaintext passwords for any (!) user account which was set to require picture password or PIN in Windows 8. Picture password and PIN is a new way to sign in to Windows 8. Be careful to use them however. Once they're set, your previous plaintext password is still stored in the system and can be easily extracted by anyone who has administrator account on your PC.
 Support for Windows 8 in HDD password index tool.
 Fixed minor bug in recursive search for DPAPI blobs.

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