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Windows Password Recovery v3.3.1

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Reset Windows Password v12.0
Windows media forensic tools and improved interface
Reset Windows Password v11.4
Windows activity timeline, Windows clipboard history, etc.
Windows Password Recovery v14.3
Preliminary support for Windows 11
Outlook Password Recovery v3.2.1
Support for Windows 11 and the latest version of MS Outlook

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Windows Password Recovery v3.3.1

 Online recovery allows you to check passwords in online database. It can also be used when auditing passwords, as a simple vulnerability detector for certain passwords.
 Simple rainbow table (*.rt) generator with multi-threading support.
 Reset statistics & reports button.
 New 'Password as numbers' mutation rule in preliminary attack. Works for English passwords only.
 New rule added in the Hybrid dictionary attack: k. Using the rule you can convert english words to non-english ones (based on installed languages in your system) and vice versa.
 Wordlist conversion tool was expanded to be used in conjunction with custom filter based on hybrid attack rules. For example, to convert all words of a given dictionary to l33t, use the
following simple filter 'sa@ss$sb8sl1so0se3si1st7'.
 Added 3 new files with hybrid dictionary rules:
  • nonenglish_words.ini - for non-English words mutation
  • simple_dates.ini - date and month mutation
  • l33t.ini - l33t mutation rules
 Fixed memory allocation bug in Active Directory parser module
 Fixed several problems in rainbow tables attack
 Fixed unexpected failure bug caused by improper handling of some browse-edit controls.
 Improper mutation engine problem was fixed. Some words were not mutated as expected. Affects all recovery attacks.
 Hash selection bug was eliminated. Sometimes hashes were not selected properly after the password list was sorted.
 Security problems (licensing issue).
 Hardware monitor has been enhanced slightly. Now it displays CPU and memory usage for overall system, as well as information for the current process.
 HtmlToText engine was rewritten from scratch. Affects the following items: AI attack, Online Attack, wordlist tools, HDD indexing tool, e-mail text extraction engine.
 Several enhances in Fingerprint attack.

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