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Windows Password Recovery Beta3

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Reset Windows Password v12.0
Windows media forensic tools and improved interface
Reset Windows Password v11.4
Windows activity timeline, Windows clipboard history, etc.
Windows Password Recovery v14.3
Preliminary support for Windows 11
Outlook Password Recovery v3.2.1
Support for Windows 11 and the latest version of MS Outlook

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You may find it helpful to read our articles on Windows security and password recovery examples. Video section contains a number of movies about our programs in action

Windows Password Recovery Beta3

Here's the list of fixes and improvements of Windows Password Recovery beta 3:
 Fixed numerous interface issues
 Fixed update checker bug
 Fixed broken links at start page
 Fixed error enumerating cached passwords when importing data from binary files
 NT hashes were not selected properly even if the 'select NT hashes after import' option was set
 WPR services were rebuilt to get ride of some Windows 7 incompatibility errors
 Fixed several Windows x64 compatibility issues
 A serious error was fixed in LSA secret decoder module. The bug caused a critical failure on some Vista and Win 7 machines with SYSKEY encryption is set to require the startup password.
 Slightly improved the module for dumping remote hashes
 SYSKEY startup password (if the option is set in the system) is asked only once now, eg. cached by the program.
 Demo notification dialog on exit
 Added multilingual support
 Help file
 New hash load modules: import from backup files, import from system repair folder, import from Restore Points, as well as from Volume Shadow Copies
 Added new tool for backing up current system registry files and Active Directory database

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